How To Take Advantage Of Your iPod

Saturday, May 31, 2008

by: Pat Flouster

We all know what the Apple iPod is capable of. Of course, one is able to download, store and play an almost infinite number of songs on just about any version of the iPod Nano. There are also iPods that can play movies, videos and show pictures and photographs as well. Indeed, the iPod is a fantastic item for someone to bring all of their favorite songs and singers with them wherever they go. Yup, the iPod pretty neat in that regard.

So, why would you want to waste the capabilities and abilities of your iPod Nano on stuff you already know and like?

Now, there are always favorite songs that you have to have with you each and every minute of each and every day. That makes sense, so go ahead, put that song on your iPod. But, even though it's easy, effective and enjoyable to plaster your iPod full of familiar songs, that's incredibly boring and bland. It's like going to a high-end car dealer to test drive a Porsche, but you pout with your arms folded because you want to drive a Tempo. Exactly what do you have to lose?

You can translate the same principle to the usage of the iPod. The Apple iPod Nano is made to hold and playback songs download onto it via a computer. Why not then take advantage of that fact and listen to everything you've ever wanted to hear and listen to? Doing this will either cost you nothing or about a dollar a track, depending on your downloading methods. If you're paying for your downloads (good for you), set aside some money for new chances and discoveries.

In the old days of buying tapes or CD's, you're choices were limited in terms of listening before you buy. Usually, one had to buy the whole album to be able to really check it out. And, if you found that the artist or album wasn't to your liking - or just plain sucked - well, too bad for you, because most record stores wouldn't take the album back. Many people complained that this wasn't particularly fair, but, hey, that's the way it was. Then, the Apple iPod Nano arrived.

Now, the technology exists to listen to just about anything you want wherever you want. So, what do most people do? Most people, though, only download the popular song of the time onto their Apple iPod Nano. Of course, if that is what you want to do, go right ahead and do it! But why not take the chance and listen to something you've always wanted to check out?

Another great thing about the iPod is its portability. You can take your music and singers with you wherever and whenever you want. That gives you more options of where and when you listen to your new discoveries. You can get the tracks on your iPod, go for a walk or sit quietly and really immerse yourself and decide if you really like the songs and singers or not.

The Apple iPod is incredibly easy and fun to have and use. That being said, some people aren't really exploring the limits of their iPod because they don't realize that the iPod is designed to play music - all kinds and forms of music.